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And Our 2014 Beta Testers ?

Name: Amy Clarke

Started Trading: 5th Feb 2014

Profit To Date: $231,781.22

Most profitable month: Jan 2015

Verified by VeriTrades: Click Here For Verification #68GTRS

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Name: Carlos Perez

Started Trading: 23rd May 2014

Profit To Date: $199,452.78

Most profitable month: Nov 2014

Verified by VeriTrades: Click Here For Verification #82EWSP

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Name: Thomas Gaynor

Started Trading: 1st March 2014

Profit To Date: $286,192.49

Most profitable month: Dec 2014

Verified by VeriTrades: Click Here For Verification #49TRSK

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Name: Tom Harlow

Started Trading: 8th June 2014

Profit To Date: $144,729.73

Most profitable month: Jan 2015

Verified by VeriTrades: Click Here For Verification #92TSCR

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Our Newest Beta Tester Adrian Dumont

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to pay anything for the software?
A. No the software is 100% FREE to beta testers, all we require from our beta testers is that they share their results with our independent 3rd party verification company so we can add them to our site.

Once this round of beta testing is over the software will become a paid product and will cost 5 figures per month, don't worry though all current beta testers will have lifetime access including future updates though and will never have to pay a penny.
Q. Do I need any technical skill or trading experience to use the Verified Trader system?
A. No absolutely not, the fact that you are viewing this website means you have enough technical know how to use the system, there is absolutely zero trading experience required and even the biggest technophobe will be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

The Verified Trader system has been specifically built with new traders in mind and can easily be autotraded if needed meaning absolutely everything is done for you.

Q. Will this work in any country in the world?
A. Yes you can trade this from any country in the world.
Q. I've lost money in the past with other trading systems how do I know that this will be different?
A. Unfortunately there are a LOT of trading systems on the internet that simply do not work, unfortunately the average person isn't to know that before thet lose their hard earned money with them.

Verified Trader is different, this is not a fly by night software this is 10 years of developement and testing and ALL results have been verified by an independent 3rd party global trading body so you can be sure what you are seeing are actually results from the software.

Q. How do I know your results are genuine?
A. All our results have been indepenedantly verified by a 3rd party global trading body, we have gone to great lengths and cost to make sure ALL results meet this strict criteria.
Q. Do you offer customer support?
A. Yes we do, 24/7 via email, phone or live chat, you will even get the CEOs direct cell number as he likes to work hands on with the beta testers to ensure everyone is setup correctly, happy and more importnatly making profits.
Q. How much money can I make with the Verified Trader software?
A.This depends on how large your account is, with a $250 starting deposit you can expect to make between $600 and $4000 per day, if you start with a larger account then your profits will increase accordingly.

Some of our 2014 beta testers are now making 5 figures per day with larger accounts.
Q. How can I withdraw the profits I make and where are they sent to?
A.You can withdraw your profits at any time from your personal broker account (don't worry we will get you setup with this), there are several withdrawal methods that can be used but we prefer a direct wire to our bank, funds credit our account within 1-2 business days.
Q. Can the software be used 24/7 ?
A.Yes you can trade the Verified Trader software 24 hours a day 7 days a week, although there is slightly less trading volume at weekends.

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Meet The Verifed Trader Team

Frank Hitchen - CEO

Qualifications: Masters in Artificial Intelligence computer science - Stanford university

As Verified Traders CEO, Frank provides the vision and technical trading knowledge that drives the company forward.


Simon Roper - Head Developer

Qualifications: MBA - Masters of Business Administration, BSc - Information Technology [1st Class], BSc - Computer Science [2nd]

Simon leads the Verified Trader team of in-house developers and has been with us for over nine years.

His extensive experience architecting and developing enterprise-level applications includes commercial media relations software, government analytical software and PAC management software.


Terry Cleavely - Senior Software Developer

Qualifications: BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science, University of Liverpool

Terry has a varied background, including software development in C++ and safety-critical software testing in the Aerospace industry.


Martin Hogg - Software Developer

Qualifications: 1st Class BSc. in Software Engineering

Martin has worked for Verified Trader since 2008.

Martins background is in C development – an area where he is regarded as something of a Guru within the company.


Jamie Sheppard - Head Of Support

Qualifications: Professional Certificate in Customer Relationship Management (PCCRM) - Georgetown

Jamie leads the Support department, he is an accomplished management professional with 20+ years of experience in the software industry.

He has an extensive background in customer service with an in-depth knowledge of technology.


Ann Hayden - Deputy support Manager

Qualifications: Associate of Arts in Management Information Systems - Liberty

Ann brings over 14 years of professional experience to the Verified Trader team.

As an experienced Corporate Trainer that specializes in proprietary software, Ann brings strengths in customer focus, client-specific technical troubleshooting, and training of new clients and Verified Trader staff.


Jon Willis - Infrastructure Engineer

Qualifications: Degree in Information Technology, CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)

Jons team keeps the Verified Trader software development cycle running smoothly, and he’s always striving to provide the best trading infrastructure in the business.


Lisa Price - Human Resources

Qualifications: MA in Applied Linguistics, University of Birmingham

Lisa is responsible for handling HR issues at Verified Trader - including recruiting, liaising with universities and academic departments, attending graduate recruitment fairs, and dealing with staff queries regarding employment





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